Boom Biddy Boom

by Freschard

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clemence freschard: vocals, spanish guitar, drums, zafzafa, tambourine, washboard, piano on "where did you go"
stanley brinks: electric guitar, upright bass, piano, bells, clarinets and saxophones
angela carlucci sings on "angel"


released September 16, 2013

all songs written by clemence freschard
exept 04 and 10 written by stanley brinks and clemence freschard

recorded in berlin, winter 2012-2013


all rights reserved



Freschard Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: Boom Biddy Boom

buts and ifs
yeses and nos
her hands on her hips
here she goes

boom biddy boom
biddy boom boom
biddy biddy boom
boom biddy boom

she's a shout
she's mighty fine
spit it out
she's dynamite

seasick, suntanned
bound to lose
didn't choose, didn't plan
got the bouncing shoes

it's easy to start
it's easy to let go
cross my heart
kiss my elbow
Track Name: Cheese And Crackers

i was reading a book
in the back of the car
“the kid was a killer”

you turned and took a look
you had a question to ask:
“what did you make for dinner?”

cheese and crackers
sunday cheese and crackers
monday cheese and crackers
tuesday cheese and crackers
cheese and crackers

tired of the traffic
it was time to suggest:
“take us to Texas, Lucas”

Lucas took a turn
it was a token gesture
“what d'you eat in the desert?”

i had cheese and crackers
i was feeling sick
you said i looked like your mother

i said “jesus christ”
i said it for kicks
i think i'll have another

i'll face the fact
and take a tip from you
winter, autumn, spring, summer

we should never lack
and always go to the store
to get some more
Track Name: Investigate

investigate, investigate
oh i investigate

you won't see me when i'm gumshoeing
when i'm not smoking, i'm gum-chewing
i follow your every movement
call me: “my lieutenant”

i'll tittle tattle, pretend to lose
just to be able to find more clues
if you're a swindler, or a crook
i will play it by the book

if you double-cross me and i have a hunch
i'll send you pack yourself a lunch
when a hard nut has to crack
help me a little, i'll tip you back

let me hear your lullaby
'cause i don't buy your alibi
i'm very selective as a detective
i think: “motive and perspective”

tell me about your love life
i'll give you good advice
my lips are sealed with red wax
i'm not gonna tell them even if they ask

you think murder is my favorite crime
because it's different every time
i have to tell you it's not true
i just guess who loves who
Track Name: And The Rain

waiting with my chin in my hand
i knew the tune but not the band
i kept staring out the window
i was waiting and you didn't know
and the rain came spattering down again

i sat in the street-side corner
near the kitchen, where it's warmer
i caught myself drumming and humming
you weren't coming
and the rain came spattering down again

i got the bill and my coat
made some change for the boat
stopped looking at the time
thought i'd made up my mind
and the rain came spattering down again
Track Name: Hedgehog walk

i know a thing or two
let me show you
roll out the red carpet
let me reach my target

don't be rough
don't be tough
enough of that stuff
i'll tell you one more time

don't be rough
don't be tough
enough of that stuff
believe me you'll be fine

if you ever catch it
let's bury the hatchet
here's a cake in a cup
let's make it up

at the edge of a talk
let's do the hedgehog walk
i won't take a no
come on let's go
Track Name: Sweet Sweet South

stop at the drive-through daiquiri
swamp water will kill me
one sip, and i'll kiss you on the mouth
in the sweet sweet south

at the cajun station
rye whiskey invitation
one sip, and i'll kiss you on the mouth
in the sweet sweet south

at the acadian superette
you bought a 40, had a cigarette
one sip, and i'll kiss you on the mouth
in the sweet sweet south

at marie's you get the best bloody mary
i had one too many
one sip, and i'll kiss you on the mouth
in the sweet sweet south
Track Name: I Miss You

i was gonna be cold later
so you carried an old sweater
we walked all over town
Harlem, Brooklyn, Chinatown

now i miss you
i miss you so bad
i miss you, i miss you
so so bad

so much to catch up on
we owned the town
142 1rst Avenue
i'm lonely without you

time didn't matter
words didn't matter
we had hours and hours
hours and hours

there's nothing i can do about it
there's nothing i can do about it
i want you, i need you
and i miss you so bad
Track Name: Angel

you're so gentle
you're an angel

you stand by
till the end of my shift
i give you lemon pie
you give me a lift

you wince when your wings
make you slow
but think of all the things
you can do with your toe

in the middle of the night
when you're asleep
i turn on the light
and i cover your feet
Track Name: Sound Asleep

sound asleep
in a split second
the night won't seem so long

sound asleep
for a night and a day
won't you please
go away

right in the pit of it
i was lava rock
quaked awake
you were gone
Track Name: Where Did You Go

the house was dry, like a river run dry
with pebbles in the bed
i kept heading for the window like a locked-up fly
with a buzz buzzing in my head

where did you go ?
it'd make a difference just to know

i hit my head on the window pane
i hit my head on the window pane
i hit my head on the window pane
i hit my head on the window pane

if you come back, i'll put on an act
and you will never see
how i've fallen apart
and how sentimental i can be

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