Midnight Tequila

by Freschard & Stanley Brinks

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released November 4, 2017

All songs written by Freschard and Stanley Brinks
Recorded in Berlin by Stanley Brinks and Freschard in october 2017

Freschard : voice, drums, percussions

Stanley Brinks : voice, guitars, bass, sopranino, alto, baritone saxophones, clarinet, mantoura, ocarina, baglamas, fiddlele

CHOIR : Anders Bundgaard, Alexandra Aquilina, Jean-Baptiste Brutelle, David Deery, Fabio Thieme, Daniel Brown and Daniel Borg

picture by David Deery


all rights reserved



Freschard Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Going to the bar

i came by
and you had no time
to say hi
but at least i tried

now i'm going to the bar
for a drink or two
now i'm going to the bar
without you

i called on Fred
Fred, with the big round head
his eyes and his nose were red
he could not leave his bed

i found your boyfriend somewhere
the one with the curly blond hair
he didn't seem to care
oh, but he's so square

i found myself alone
just a little bit too far from home
my heart heavy as a stone
and useless as an ice cream cone
Track Name: Success

it's a success, it is
look at the mess it is
who would have guessed
it would be such a success?

you gamble, you win every time
the wheels spin every time
it only takes a minute
to test your limit

i thought i was tired, i did
hired and fired, i did
but look at me now
i can't figure out how

we'll sit around and smoke all night
drinking whiskey and coke all night
there's nothing else i wanna do
but be here with you

i love you, i do
it's true i do
let's cheer to our success
and go home, yes?
Track Name: What a night

ooh what a night, what a night
what a night for a fall
ooh what a night, what a night
what a night for us all

bring the dough, make it sour
we'll have toast in an hour
soda in the flour
oh oh oh what a night

show me how you twerk twerk twerk
tighten, tighten the skirt skirt
flirt flirt with me in the dirt
oh oh oh what a night

i want it from the grill
i want it hot hot
i'm ready for the kill
give me a shot shot

i thought it was all set
how could you forget?
you didn't really, i bet
oh oh oh what a night
Track Name: I'm the boss

- i'm the boss here
- who's the boss here?
- i am

- can't stand this song
there's something terribly wrong
every single line i hear
is a pain in my ear

- well, you don't have to like it
and i don't have to take shit
from you, or anyone else
the door is there: suit yourself

go clean the dishes
but not too well
go place the dishes
up there on the shelf
whatever my wish is
i'm the chef

- well then you know where the kitchen is
so suit yourself

- here is one more whiskey
come and sit with me
i haven't heard from the man
but he knows where i am

- now who's the pushover?

- who's still sober?
well, i wasn't born yesterday
i drink korn, korn all the way

- i like to wear shoes that glow
and i like to watch the booze flow
i'm not trying to get even, Steven
i told you i was leavin'
but the booze keeps flowing
and my shoes keep glowing
swimmin' or rowin'
i've got to get a-goin'
Track Name: Africa

i've been working so much i've been losing my head
time to take a shower, time to go to bed
if i cannot sleep i'll have whiskey instead
i'm going home to Africa

i'm going home to Africa
i'll see you and you'll see me
i'm going home to Africa
we'll sit underneath the orange tree

i see Peppi every night
he's smoking in the doorway, where the light is bright
he can whistle country and western alright
i'm going home to Africa

in the garden, sage and rosemary
in the tree, a little bird and a lovely fairy
tonight we'll merry merry be
i'm going home to Africa

later at the bar i hope it's going to be Vince
i like the way he laughs, and i like the way he thinks
he's got good jokes and okay drinks
i'm going home to Africa

shake baby shake, rock'n roll
i'm going home to Africa
Track Name: Limestone

potatoes under the ground
no-one else around
no mint, no ice, no mojito
what's on the go?
what's on the go

there's cold water in my bones
holes in my limestones
blood in my mosquito
what's on the go?
what's on the go

next stop: nowhere
wind through my hair
grass growing, rain water flowing
stars up in the air
stars up in the air

tell me, i'll open my ears
i haven't seen you for years
and i've missed you, i've missed you, chiquito
what's on the go?
what's on the go

i don't even know where we are
we're never gonna get to Zabbar
to cheer with every chupito
what's on the go?
what's on the go

the sea and the sky are one
black on black is the line
who wants to be a hero?
what's on the go?
what's on the go

that great ocean is the sea
the rocks are you and me
we've nothing to fear, oh
what's on the go?
what's on the go
Track Name: Wednesday

don't you wanna go to Wednesday?
i hear it's gonna be hot, hot
we'll drive all the other days away
i think you'll like it a lot

i don't wanna go to Sunday
too many dogs and strollers and stuff
i hope that i can skip it some way
of Sundays i've had enough

Monday is rainy
and you have to wait in line
Mondays are all the same to me
they're too busy every time

i'll get back on my feet
in the morning after the night
give me Tuesday any day of the week
i'll sleep all right

she drinks her whiskey
he's having a beer
i know that it's risky
but i like it here

more friends will come and sing with me
Thursday will be crazier
she'll drink her whiskey
he'll drink his beer
Track Name: Olives and wine

olives and wine
the sun shines
sleep is on the town
you were talking to me
and i didn't see
my drink go down

i'll awake to a glitter of stars
and make my way to the bars
that i don't go to alone
you'll find me in the same spot
we'll drink a little and talk a lot
and it'll feel like home

i've been here before
have one more
let's stay a while
the lady is nice
she smiled at me twice
i like her smile

when you're walking by
and you feel a little shy
peeping in
place a little bet
what will you get
from sleeping in
Track Name: Oh boy

oh boy, are you crying?
let me hold your hand
i've been wrong, but i'm trying
my best to understand

nature is going wild
the wind and the waves hit hard
stay here for a while
we'll be safer inside

when the sky clears up before dawn
are you gonna leave this town?
will you be gone
or will you still be around?

there is love, there is heat
ice and coconut rum
pineapple, so sweet
come, come, let's have some

we're gonna go crazy, crazy like the tide
the bees and the butterflies
then you'll sleep like a child
with sand and tears in your eyes
Track Name: Milestone

i don't wanna cry in public
i want my shower and my bed
take one last drag, and stub it
i want a pillow and a hand under my head

you're the milestone on my road
my sword and my shield
you're a handful, you know
you're plenty, you're a shitload
you are all that i need

i'll tell it to you in music
melancholy, in G
straight from the heart, no bullshit
the way it ought to be

you've gotta take the good and the bad
the wrong and the right
think of the awesome time we've had
think about it when you're dreaming tonight

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