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by Freschard

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I Hear You 03:00
I HEAR YOU no-one ever said my name the way you did there's a huge part of me that you have built i have a few friends to comfort me they are good, they will keep me happy you traveled a lot and i followed i went back to New York and Florida you crossed a thousand oceans you had a boat, it was so much fun you gave me my first best music impression i loved your whole record collection Clementine you called me Clementine
I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU i left in the morning sunshine excuse me, do you have the time i'm cold, my socks are soaked through and i can't get enough of you i'm gonna be sick tomorrow do you have a pen i could borrow there's a hole in the sole of my left shoe and i can't get enough of you i can't get enough of you and every little thing you do my love is young and always new and i can't get enough of you has anybody seen the sun set do you have a match, do you have a cigarette i got lost, the bus was late too and i can't get enough of you
UP SHIT CREEK i was sitting on a bench at the north end of the building a passer-by gave me trouble and started yelling i am standing on a bench at the north end of the building he shrinks from notice under the shirt he's wearing you can always try to pick on me i'll send you up a gum tree they'll all laugh, i've got no fears you'll be holding a wolf by the ears now for sure you're up shit creek gee you're such a geek you thought you'd make it just a girl, this is it bullshit little you knew about it you can always try to fight with me look for me you'll find me they're all staring, i'm safe you made a fool out of yourself ok now let's simmer down i hate the clash and i'm done they're all scared, all but me c'est la vie of course i could have run away but the next one would have had to pay i used my strengh and morality doesn't mean you didn't hurt me it can't make one happy to forget about humanity i have hope one day you'll see deep inside you have dignity
i walked through their garden under an umbrella it's got a little bit of pink, some green some blue and some yellow there's a good vibe inside and all around they made me feel loved, they made me feel grand there's nothing he can do better than her 'cause he loves her they have a lot of worries and sadness too everybody does, everybody do their sweet old talk warmed me up you could tell he was a little oiled up
STRAIGHT AHEAD i know in a day or two i might have changed my mind maybe i'll think of you and of all i've left behind but, hey, i always knew that there would come a time when i would look for you and you wouldn't be around bring me a bourbon, make it on the rocks you'll find the ice cubes in the ice-box bring me love on a silver platter i'll have bourbon before, and love only after i tell you what: i'll be honest with you talking won't help, talking won't do whatever we say, will say, have said there is only one way: straight ahead
EVERYBODY HAS A BEAUTIFUL VOICE everybody has a beautiful voice the beggar, the working man, the king everybody has a beautiful voice if you let them sing i'm from a small and far away land i hope they understand i think of you and i get by i hate to wave goodbye all i'm left with is good memories no sorries, no worries
Einstein 02:46
EINSTEIN all the ashtrays in sight were in full blossom he talked, he'd been so lonesome his story had no tail, his story had no head “don't worry”, i said he's a real einstein and i don't lie Albert Einstein, i'll stay behind I saw her picture on the door of the fridge i took the dead champagne, had a swig i said, “she's got jolly wistful eyes” and hid my pain and cries inside he's quite often lost in thought but when he talks he talks a lot and he never gives a smooth talk i would let him measure the energy of the whole mass of my body
Moonstone 04:37
hey, i'm your friend and i love you hey, i'm your friend i thought you knew that it grows and grows and never ever goes i don't wanna think of my future tomorrow doesn't matter i don't wanna look at your pictures today will be better i have to get it off my mind i feel a little left behind
Emaya 03:15
there's a sweet drink in my cup all i know ties up i have no enemies, only friends and the whole world makes sense cause i believe you and i want you to trust me too i believe you and no, i don't mind if i do i've got two feet on the floor i'm not waiting anymore so, see, i am free and the tide is drifting with me you're allowed to be kind and ask me what is on my mind you can tie my ribbons and bows and you can put your finger on my nose


Clemence Freschard: voice, drums, guitar (left)
Stanley Brinks: guitar (right), bass guitar


released October 25, 2008

All songs written by Clemence Freschard
exept 02, 05, 10 (Stanley Brinks) and 06 (S.Brinks/C.Freschard)
Recorded in Berlin in october 2008


all rights reserved



Freschard Berlin, Germany


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