by Freschard

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All songs written by Clemence Freschard
except 05 and 10 by Clemence Freschard & Stanley Brinks
and 04 by Clemence Freschard & Stanley Brinks & Dave Tattersall


released November 11, 2011

Clemence Freschard : vocals, spanish guitar, drums, percussions, flute, recorder
Stanley Brinks : electric guitar, bass, clarinet, trumpet
Olav Christer Rosseboe : violin on ``a little bird told me so´´


all rights reserved



Freschard Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: Silence

silence, silence
you get angry and shout
silence, more silence
it's all you all care about

he has thick black hair
and freckles here and there
puts on music when he cleans his shop
you scream : “stop, stop, stop”

you left a note on an old lady's door
asking her to not watch t.v anymore
you must have been going insane
that was lame, lame, lame

your story is a little cheap
you suffer from a lack of sleep
you're looking for someone to blame
shame, shame, shame

when i have to keep my mouth shut
it makes me sick, it drives me nuts
i don't care for your kindness
i won't stand one minute of silence
Track Name: All I Care For

my belly aches, my heart breaks
can i stay with you, can i follow you
in Africa, at the swimming pool,
on your bicycle, in the men's room,
in a cable car, wherever you are

wherever you are, whatever you do
can i stay with you, can i follow you
there's nothing i want more, it's all i care for

it's getting late, my hands shake
can i stay with you, can i follow you
in your dreams, under the ground,
in the Caribbean, all the way down,
on the rock of Gibraltar, wherever you are

i can not speak, my knees are weak
can i stay with you, can i follow you
all the time, in the shower,
in waiting lines, for hours,
in a cocktail bar, wherever you are
Track Name: No, No, No

i love you so much, so much
i look at you i blush
you're so funny, you've no idea
you're as cute as one can be

no, no, no
i won't let you go

i feel at my best
with my head on your chest
it makes me feel so well
you and your delicious smell

what a thrill, what a thrill
i can feel it still
what a dream, what a dream
i melt like ice cream
Track Name: Not Ready

i never meant to let you know i was feeling that way about it
i hadn't slept for weeks then, i was running out of smiles
you say we've talked this over, honestly, i doubt it
you just left traces of broken glasses on the tiles

february 26th, hungover, overslept again
ran out of filters and hot water, looked for a lighter, bumped my head and it hurt
ran out of the house and ran after the train
wet too from the rain in yesterday's shirt

i'm not ready for you
i'm not ready, not ready for you
i care dear, you know i do
but i'm not ready for you

will you think i really haven't seen you
at Marcy's party, later at the deli, in a million squares and parks
outside the cinema on Shaftesbury avenue
you standing in the light, me running in the dark
Track Name: Monsters

when i drew the curtain to let the light in
the night had come, just imagine
i shuffled my feet to the door
on the cold spotless floor
the door wouldn't open or i didn't really try
my head hurt and i didn't know why
i turned around and you were there
asleep, unstirred, unaware

their eyes are small but their looks are deep
i hear them call when i'm trying to sleep
they creep and crawl and fall and leap
i'm a grown up and all but it makes me wanna weep

once you were gonna be away overnight
so i pressed “play” and turned off the light
giving way to blue moonbeams
that turned the music into screams
among the bugs and monsters
lurking in dark corners
there must have been a fairy
but still it scared me

the light went out and i was alone
a stranger in my own home
i kicked two ashtrays and three socks
trying to find the fuse box
when i made it back to the bed
they were all inside my head
i tried to close my eyes in vain
soon the sun would rise again
Track Name: A Little Bird Told Me So

i love you, i love you so
a little bird told me so
my love for you will never ever go
that little bird told me so

i was hit by Cupid
i said : “Don't shoot, don't shoot”
maybe i'm stupid
maybe i'm just cute

you're never out of my mind
i kept it a secret, i tried
but you know what: it suits me fine
i'm pacified

you're never out of my mind
and you know what, it suits me fine
you hold my hand when i'm cold
inside the pocket of your coat
and i feel like a little bird
i own the world
Track Name: Pain

you don't feel anything but pain
a huge pain
how can i re-tune
make you feel my love, my love

for years i wore a smile
i couldn't even cry
i'll never ever love again
i'll never fall in love again

it'll take you by surprise
it'll take you by surprise
Track Name: Tweet Tweet

Jonny Jones lived up trees as a young boy
his parents adored him and called him Jonnaboy
when they kept him in, Jonnaboy was sore
he couldn't stand a bit of life behind doors

so Jonnaboy lived up trees as a young boy
up there in the trees he didn't care for toys
Jonnaboy was happy, Jonnaboy was spoiled
he even had a friend: the neighbors' son, Roy

tweet tweet, living in the trees
swinging in the branches

so Jonnaboy lived up trees with Roy, the neighbors'son
they were as close together as a first finger and a thumb
they had their world on top, they had their world on trees
where no-one could climb to, not even monkeys

the trees changed as the seasons passed
and Roy had to go to class
Roy grew up faster than Jonny did
and as he grew older he grew a ginger beard

Jonnaboy felt lonely without Roy in the tree
Roy got busy kissing a girl named Lee
Jonny was sorry, Jonny came lately
he cried all the time, he cried like a baby

but Roy had a sister, her name was Ruth
she fell in love with Jonny in her early youth
she would secretly watch him from her bedroom window
she knew everything about him and Jonny didn't know

her brother had never let her come along
but it was time for her to talk to Jon
anyway Roy was no longer up there
and she realised that now he wouldn't even care

she baked Jonny's favorite biscuits
cookies with chocolate bits
and used that as an excuse to go out and see him
when she got there she caught him daydreaming

she gave him a jump, his forehead hit the trunk
it was black and blue, he got a bump
he looked at her, he bowled over and caught hold of a branch
the branch broke, he tumbled, he fell in a puddle, he got drenched

they looked at each other, doubled up with laughter
they couldn't stop and caught their breath a long time after
Jonny looked at Ruth, she was a sight to see
he said : “Would you like to climb my tree ?”

she looked at his bump and said : “ It doesn't hurt, does it ? ”
then she started to sweat, and dropped her basket
she said : “Goodbye”, and ran back home
she left Jonny all wet and all alone

She closed her window shades, sighed and disappeared
fear of heights was her highest fear
he meant the world to her, she had to get over it
she couldn't stop it, she couldn't ignore it

Jonny thought of Ruth day and night and night and day
wondering why, why did she ran away
was it something he did, was it something he said
he tried to figure it out, he failed

Jonny had fallen, fallen in love at first sight
Jonny's head was swollen, he lost his appetite
he looked forever at Ruth's window for a sign
one night he saw her silhouette lit from behind

he sent her a paper plane with sweet sweet words in it
she sent one back to explain her fears and worries
he climbed down his tree and waited for Ruth
he was so happy she had told him the truth

not speaking his heart he would never have known
barking up the wrong tree he would have ended up alone
now if you ever wonder where Ruth and Jonny are
they're sitting under a tree looking at the stars
Track Name: Come Closer

come closer and close your eyes
we'll last forever you and i
you and i

my baby, my canary
i talk to you, you tweet to me
you tweet to me

they chat, they laugh, the sun shines
they're lively and loud, we'll have a fun time
they spread it around, their warmth is pure gold
there's mountains around, we'll never catch cold

am i crazy or is she mad
it breaks, it hurts, it makes me sad
it makes me sad

i'm sorry, what did you say
i was lost, i was miles away
miles away
Track Name: High Tides

if the rain falls and the sun shines
you will think of me sometimes
if the wind blows and the land slides
i'll send you high tides

we let soft water come between us
we hadn't been worth salt for peanuts
but you know what: i don't mind
at least we cared, at least we tried

cleaning up my closet, found your shirt
i wondered whose it was at first
when i go to bed i wear it
i know it's strange but i like the smell of it

you told me when you came around
my sun was sinking into the ground
i found it cute, but it was true
i thought of my first trip with you

the part i liked the most
was the drive along the coast
the driver's jokes, the rearview glances
he called us Mr and Mrs

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